Re: This Year's Field Day Patch


Hey Pete. Hope all is well. Our club decided not to do FD from the club site, and everyone is doing their own thing, then submitting under our club to combine the points. Over the past few months I became very interested in mobile HF (got my Icom 7100 installed in the car) and got a Tarheel 2 screwdriver antenna mounted on it. That led to doing Parks on the Air, and loving it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger on a Yaesu FT-891 and it came in this past Tuesday. What an awesome little radio! It does 100 watts and for RX, I would say it's almost as good as my Icom 7300 in the shack. Also have a Bioenno 20aH battery now too. I made a 40/30/20 Inverted V antenna that has connectors that disconnect if I want to work the other bands. I took it to Sam Lewis State Park today and within 10 minutes I had everything ready to go including the antenna in the tree. In less than an hour I had 45 QSO's. I am putting a 10x10 EZ-Up canopy in my backyard, using the new FT-891, my new antenna, run battery power and do Field Day old school this year. After FD, I plan to get a backpack and start doing Summits on the Air as well. 

What is your FD looking like this year Pete?
73 Scott - KN3A

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