Pete W3WC

I only made 38 Q's, on 40 & 20.

Getting on for this contest helped me identify antenna issues. 

My 40 Meter dipole had corroded contacts, for which I lowered it, found them at the center feed point and scraped them clean. The 80 Meter G5RV would not tune, likely due to not being fully extended due to loss of a natural antenna support tower (a tree) from an ice storm.

As a result, I have a plan to get back to a full-size half-wave dipole with ladder line feed for 80. The G5RV was a compromise anyway, from when I broke one of my two Heathkit antenna tuners.

I really need a good DPDT antenna switch to switch the two ladder lines, but I haven't been able to find one that is rated at a kilowatt.

I need to impose upon the good nature of my neighbor to utilize another tree near his home as one end of the full-size 80 Meter dipole. 

End of report. 73

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