Re: Using the AVNA with the nanoVNA-saver control program

Bob Larkin

One more thought. The AVNA has everything for either a 50-Ohm or a 5000-Ohm measurement. The n-saver program can't deal with that, so we should set the AVNA to 50-Ohm reference before using the n-saver program. I believe this can be either by a "Z 50" serial command or by using the touch display on the AVNA for "Set Ref R". That setting is remembered in EEPROM if the AVNA is shut down. Bob

On 2/15/20 12:19 PM, Bob Larkin wrote:
Mike, first, I tried to figure out your comment,
"I noticed that nanoVNA-saver is sending a 'finished' and a 'updated' command that is not handled and may be causing the ANVA to do another sweep."
I don't see those as proper commands on the nanoVNA list, nor a search of the most likely n-saver  Python files.  Where did you see those?
Yes, my Manage dialog box would lock everything up.  Your EOT fix worked for me also.  That has been added for 0.71
A minor issue is that having detailed sweeps shows that low resistance values for impedance sweeps have small systematic errors (a fraction of an ohm, usually.  This would apparently come from the use of whole cycles in the AVNA not using whole cycles.  I'll pursue it, but the errors are small.
Thanks for the chasing of this stuff.   Bob
On 2/15/20 9:51 AM, Mike Runyan via Groups.Io wrote:
Reason for the touch screen not seeming to work for me was the #define TOUCH_ROTATION3required inANVA1Config.h

Adding sendEOT(); to the end of calCommand() in AVNA7commands.ino stopped nanoSaver from crashing when clicking the 'Manage' button


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