Patch for nanoVNA-saver control program for VID/PID codes

Bob Larkin

Good Morning All,

Here is the Python patch that I forgot was there. But first, the deal is that each USB device has a vendor VID and product PID code and these are part of the sign-on of the device. I believe these help to get the proper software driver. The Teensy codes were not in the original nanovna-saver, and so the USB Serial port for it never shows up.

I don't want to send out alternate files, as that ends up with version non-control. So, a couple of ideas:

If running directly from the Python code, you can edit in the patch below, and it should automatically redo the .pyc file and work. Be sure you maintain the same line indentations as the original, as Python is very particular. Especially, do not use tabs as they can be a disaster!

If you are running from Rune's packaged .exe file for Windows you need to rebuild that or wait for Rune to issue an update. I will email him this morning.

The following patch is at about line 560 of Rune's file I have included the lines above and below the patch. The only changes I made were the additions between #Patch RSL 3Feb 2020 and #End Patch RSL:
# Get that windows port
def getPort() -> list:
return_ports = []
device_list = list_ports.comports()
for d in device_list:
if (d.vid == VID and == PID):
port = d.device"Found NanoVNA (%04x %04x) on port %s", d.vid,, d.device)

# Patch RSL 3Feb 2020
if (d.vid == 5824 and == 1155):
port = d.device"Found NanoVNA (%04x %04x) on port %s", d.vid,, d.device)
# End Patch RSL

return return_ports

I hope this helps. I'll put this under a separate topic to make it easier to locate.


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