Re: Using the AVNA with the nanoVNA-saver control program

Mike Runyan

I am on MacOS 10.15.3.  I don't think the serial problem is with your software.  Is shows up as a serial port and I can access it with many other programs.  The problem is with the way nanoVNA-saver software handles errors.  No matter the data you send, nanoV shouldn't crash.  If I have nothing connected to the AVNA input terminals, nanoV will crash after a bunch of (probably 101):
NanoVNASaver.SweepWorker - WARNING - Got a non-float data value: -34.626995 -46.589237 (-34.626995)
NanoVNASaver.Hardware - ERROR - Exception while reading data 1: Attempting to use a port that is not open

I forgot to mention that having the 50 ohm termination on during CALSAVE 1 did seem to make less noise as you mentioned.

Interesting you knew Phil Smith.  I don't think I'm that old at 64, but my first year of engineering in 1973 was the last year that slide rulers were required at University of Wisconsin - Madison engineering.  I still have it.

The PVC pipe inductor sounds interesting.

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