Members are encouraged to ask for assistance with their research in our region and to assist others when possible.

This group includes the regions covered by the Manning Wallamba Family History Society. This group is NOT intended to replace the work done by the Manning Wallamba FHS (of which I'm a member), their Facebook Page or other options. It is for those people who sometimes prefer simple emails as one of their preferred forums as well as many other exciting online features.

Your Group admin - I am NOT an expert in things relating to the Manning Valley BUT I was born at the Manning River District Hospital AND I can trace my ancestors back to 1852 in the region.  If you look underneath the bridge in the centre of the photo on the home page, you'll see the structure of the old swimming pool in River Street and a white house immediately above it - that's where my Dad grew up and my brother and I spent many wonderful holidays with our Nanna.
Topics open for discussion are :
a. The History of the Manning Valley and places in the region.
b. The Genealogy of the families who lived there for any period or settled there
c. Publications, archives, resources etc. relating to the area
d. Announcements of related events or events considered to be of benefit / interest to subscribers - it is not a place for selling or marketing.  If you're not sure, check with the list admin.

Most importantly - be polite, positive and helpful - we are a community!

And don't forget to look at the DATABASES option lower down on the left hand menu.

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