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The American Tug Owners Group (ATOG) is for owners of American Tug yachts, and we believe that over 80% of the world's American Tug owners are members of the group. Our membership includes American Tug owners, former owners, AT builder TOMCO Marine Group’s owners, specially invited guests, and other members of the American Tug family.

ATOG is a free, non-commercial forum where owners, new and old, can connect with other owners and learn more about their own ATs. Our focus is serving as a members’ clearinghouse for ideas, opinions, advice, counsel, and personal experiences, and for the exchange of information involving all things American Tug, including but not limited to coastal cruising, seamanship, anchoring and ground tackle, navigation, AT yacht systems, boatkeeping, electronics, engines, transmissions, generators, other equipment, maintenance, repairs, upgrades and improvements, living aboard, weather, and other subjects of particular interest to those of us who own and cruise aboard  American Tug yachts.

If you're looking for answers or help in solving a problem, you'll find it easy to use this group to connect with other owners and have your questions answered.  When posting a question, be specific--and please be sure to include your tug's model and hull number, homeport or geographical location, and anything else pertinent to your questions.  More detail will bring you better answers!  Another excellent resource is ATOG's 
Files and Photos archives which have been moved over from the previous BigTent group, go back several years, and are easily searchable using's Search feature.    

The principle we use in moderating ATOG is “What's best for American Tug owners?” and we ask that you keep that question in mind too. If you believe something you propose to post is of interest to, or to the benefit of, other AT owners, please post it. If not, please don't.

ATOG is NOT open to people considering an American Tug or who aspire to own one.  The group is for those of us who already own our tugs or have a new build started with the Tomco factory.

ATTACHMENTS.  Attachments are a permanent feature on the American Tug Owners Group.  For more information on dealing with attachments and customizing attachment settings for your account, click on Messages in the left panel at the ATOG 
homepage, then search for #Attachments.

GROUP DATABASE.  ATOG offers a database that lists members and their boats, and we invite you to go to the database as soon as you join and add information on yourselves and your boats.  We also hope you'll regularly update your information.  The information is visible only to ATOG members.  The database can be a great tool for connecting with other AT owners and telling them who you are and where you're headed.  Creating your database record is easy.  To get started, click 
hereOnce you've entered your data, please check it for accuracy and update it regularly. 

If you know an American Tug or Waypoint owner who is not a member of this group, please let the moderator team know so we can extend an invitation to join.  

ATOG was created for the benefit of American Tug owners and is privately owned. The group is not affiliated with TOMCO Marine Group or its American Tug brand. "American Tug Owners Group" is a protected Service Mark of this group.

By using this group, you expressly agree that your use of American Tug Owners Group is subject to the ATOG Rules and Terms of Service.  To use these, click on
Guidelines at the top left side of ATOG's homepage.  Violation of our Rules or Terms of Service may result in a member's suspension or expulsion from the group.

David Hamre
for the ATOG Moderator Team

ATOG Opener 2-7-2020


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