Seltzer Bayou game 1 error


It appears as if I didn't load the proper file for game 1 vs Bayou.  For some reason when I loaded it, Underwood was slated to start which didn't seem correct but I played it last night anyway.  When looking at things more closely, I didn't load the correct file, as Joe Niekro should have pitched for Bayou.  He was only ready, but had enough batters to be starting without being tired.   
I will replay the game now with the correct file loaded.  I'll have results shortly.  

On 04/27/2021 1:39 PM Steven Galbraith via <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Umpy et al.: Here's the quarter finals play file. Please play one game at a time. Send in the results, wait for your opponent to give a green light, then play. You can play live if you want or however you and your opponent want to do it.

Czech/Max: No manager showed up. Are you using Foreman or? Or playing live?

Good luck to all.