[NXPL] Plea for home teams, re: rotations

Bill P

That is why I always make sure the pitcher replacing is of the same hand as the one replaced. It is common courtesy and easy to check.

On Monday, May 11, 2020, 8:51:07 AM CDT, Chris Strovel (Baltimore Orioles) <strovel@...> wrote:

Sorry for those getting multiple copies of this.

When home teams have a fatigued starting pitcher (or no pitcher at all) listed for a game in league manager, the game engine doesn't know who the replacement will be.
Let's say you have a Tired Jim Palmer in your rotation for the game. The BBW program, acting for the visiting team, seeing a righty, loads all its big lefty platoons. When you go to load your team, Palmer is Tired, the BBW program will slap in your Rested pitcher with the most IP - and when that's Steve Carlton, he gets to feast on all those high lefty platoons that just got inserted into to other team's lineup by the game engine.

I would guess most of the time, it's not such a marked situation, but it's still an unfair advantage when the home team does not have the appropriate, Ready/Rested starter listed before the game starts.