Melonville - Spokane series


Melonville and Spokane battled it out all season and tied for the division championship.  Melonville won the tie-breaker and got a first round bye.

Games 1, 2, and 3 were played by the home owners.  Game 4 was played on-line

game 1 - Ken Forsch pitches a solid 7 innings, and gives up 2 runs.  Pete Falcone comes in for the save.  Tim Raines goes 3 for 3 and 2 RBIs.  Terry Kennedy had 3 hits.  Bobby Grich knocks in both runs for Melonville.  McCatty takes the loss.

Spokane 4 Melonville 2

game 2 - Eddie Solomon is a surprise starter for the Chill, as the rotation was still a little tired from the preceding series.  He pitches well.  He gives up 1 run over 7.1 innings.  Falcone picks up save 2.  Lou Whitaker knocks in 2 big runs for Spokane.  Gibson and Grich with 2 hits for Melonville.

Spokane 4 Melonville 1

game 3 - Series returns to Spokane, and the Chill keep the pitching up.  Burt Hooton tosses a 4-hit shutout for the Chill.  Raines with 3 hits and Kennedy with 2 hits.  Lemon drives in Raines for the only run of the game.

Spokane 1 Melonville 0

game 4 - Played online.  Ken Forsch duplicates Hooton's effort and throws a 4-hitter. Trammell hits a 2 run homer.  Melonville threatens with runners on base, but can't convert.   Diaz and Concepcion each with 2 hits.  Pete Rose knocks in 2 runs for Spokane.

Spokane 5 Melonville 0

Tough series for Melonville as their bats were cold after the layoff.  Tim Raines wins MVP for the series as he hits. .600.