League opening

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

We have an opening in TRABL.
24-teams, no salaries, no off-season roster cutbacks. $5 league fee for the draft app we use.
Has not been a DH league in the past, but will be DH in 2021 and going forward if the NL keeps it.
The league has been around for 23 years, very stable. One division has all six teams with 20+ years tenure.

You can access the TRABL web site at
One rules aspect to note is that there are penalties when you miss multiple series and don't advise the filemeister ahead of time. We share the work of running the league, so the expectation is that you won't create last-minute work for the file creator. The is a two-miss grace, after that you start to lose draft picks.

The team coming open includes C. Santa, Belt, Mondcada, Devers, T. Turner, Correa, B. Anderson, Y. Alvarez on offense, but the pitching staff will need some work.