game 3 - Mudville at Spokane


The series is tied at 1.

Carlton goes against Trout, which is a tough matchup for Spokane.

1st inning - Brett hits a single and Eddie Murray knocks him in. 1-0, Mudville.
                   Willie Wilson scores on a Rose single.

The game is tight as Trout goes in and out of trouble.

No one scores.

10th inning-Brett hits a single and steals 2b.  Then, Buddy Bell singles him in with 2 outs.

Gossage comes in.  Trammell gets on base, but Gossage retires Aikens.

Mudville 2 Spokane 1

Carlton is 1-0 and Gossage picks up a save.  Trout takes the loss.

Mudville at your leisure, send me a new f-file.