ASSL '81: World Series/Spokane at Mudville - Game 2

Kevin McNally

Game 2

K. Forsch v. D. Lamp


Lamp has pitched well all season and that continued with 6 2-run innings.

Goose blew the save allowing Whitaker’s 2nd HR of the game (a 2-run shot), but Ozzie walks it off with a 1B.


Spokane       4-8-1

Mudville        5-10-0

WP:  G. Gossage (1-0)

LP:  N. Allen (0-1)


Durham continues to be the only Nine really hitting, with 2 hits including a 2-run 3rd inning HR



Mudville is ready for Game 3 only.



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Thanks.  Here is the f-file for game 2.  Forsch is the starter.



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Game 1

Hooton v. Seaver


Hooton pitches much better than Seaver and the Chill score in 5 different innings to take a Series 1-0 lead, 6-2


Spokane         6-13-0

Mudville         2-7-0

WP:  B. Hooton (1-0)

LP:  T. Seaver (0-1)


Scott 2 hits, 2B, SB, BB, 2 RS, RBI helps pace the Chill

Wilson adds 2 hits, 3B, RS, RBI

Hooton 8 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, 4 K


Nine had chances, but could never deliver in the clutch.


Awaiting instructions from Mike for Game 2.



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Kevin and Mike: Here's the WS/Championship Series file. As the #1 seed, Mudville has home advantage.

You guys can exchange f-files - send a copy to me - and play at your own pace. If you want to go live or however you wish to arrange it is fine.

Good luck.