ASSL '80: Game #2 Melonville file

Scott Clark

Melonville game #2 file attached.

Scott /// Melonville

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Subject: [ASSL] ASSL '80: Game #1: Melonville at Silver City
Melonville hits 3 solo homers. Cedeno, Garvey and Summers.

Fred Lynn hits Silver City's only homer of the game to break the 3-3 tie in the 8th.

Silver City 4 Melonville 3

Please let me know if I can proceed to game #2

Thanks John
On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 05:19:31 PM CDT, Steven Galbraith via <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Game #1 file for Melonville at Silver City series. Please play one game at a time. Then send in the results and wait for the go ahead. Even with injuries off your opponent may want to adjust things from game to game.

Good luck.