ASSL '81: Schedule

Steven Galbraith

Finishing up the schedule. Will have it with the next c-file.

We'll have 12 games for each team within the division and eight or nine against the other teams, i.e., eight against six team, nine against the other six. That's 162 games.

Working out the 8/9 game series is the hard part. I'm trying for as many five game series as possible and not to have a team play 40 games on the road or at home. It's tough.

Wanted to do 14 games against each team within your division (or 70 games) but it's impossible (for me) to get the other 92 games out of the other 12 teams. I think the 12 and 8/9 is about the best we can do with 18 teams and three divisions.

Anyway, that's the update.