ASSL '80: World Series

Thomas Battiato

Go Mudville. All. The. Way.

West is the Best!

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Subject: [ASSL] ASSL '80: World Series Setup File/Additional Files

Kevin: Try one of these. One is another c-file; the other is a backup file that you need to restore. Try the c-file first.

Re error message: That's a first; I've never seen that error before.

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, 1:51:18 PM EDT, Kevin McNally <kmcnally28@...> wrote:

When I load the c-file – it loads a blank directory (no teams).
Also get this error message when trying to load it a second time:
I’m sure it’s my error, but not sure how to correct it.
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Subject: [Special] [ASSL] ASSL '80: World Series Setup File

John and Kevin: Here's the setup file for the World Series/championship. Kevin, send your first game file to John and I. John load it and then play one game at a time. Stop after each game, then send in the results and wait for a go ahead for the next game.

Good luck.