Bayou City vs Seltzer


Battle of 1st place teams although Bayou City has the much better record. Seltzer's pitching might be a slice of cheese better.  Very thin margin

Game 1

Seltzer got a run in the 3rd on a Buckner single (3-4) and another in the 5th on a GIDP ball.  Jerry Reuss took a 2 hitter into the 9th.  Dewey Evans hit a solo and Hawk Dawson singled after 2 outs.  Joe Beckwith came on for the final out and his 16th save.  Final 2-1 Seltzer.

Game 2

Bayou's Frank Pastore didn't get out of the 1st inning as Seltzer put up a 6 pack and coasted to an 11-3 win.  The Lokies pounded out 17 hits with 8 players each having 2.  Gary Roenicke doubled and homered. Ben Oglivie and Ron Cey added homers as well.  Scott Sanderson got his 10th win.

Game 3

Jerry Martin's sac fly in the bottom of the 7th gave Seltzer a 2-1 win.  Each team got 1 in the 1st.  Bob Stanley outdueled Charlie Liebrandt.  

Game 4

Dewey Evans hit a homer in the 1st for Bayou and it stayed that way for 5 more innings.  Bayou got 2 in the 6th and then 3 more in the 7th for a 6-0 lead.  Yount drove in a pair and Bench added 3 hits and an rbi. Verne Ruhle won his 10th with 6 shutout innings.  Seltzer got a pair in the 7th with the help of an error but that was it.  Final 6-2 Bayou.

Game 5

Battle of Underwoods. 

Tom got the better of it as Pat got sliced and bled to death.  After Seltzer got a run in the 1st, Bayou scored in 6 straight innings and plated 8 to win 8-4.  Gary Allenson went 3-4 with 2 doubles. Bayou had 18 hits in the easy win.  Bob Watson added 3 hits as well.  Bayou even with the 3 losses on the road still have an impressive 30-10 record on the road.  

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Week/Series #16 play c-file attached. Results due Saturday night.

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