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John Anderson

Do any of these settings change how SF and PR are calculated for players?

John Anderson 

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After reading Chris's note, I searched the help file and saw that he is correct - "Game injuies Enabled" is really no change at all! I had assumed it meant only for the duration of the current game and the injury didn't carry forward, but I was wrong. 

He is correct that anything other than"Fatigue Only" will not make ardly any change to the injury situation, so I changed my vote to "Fatigue Only." If you want to eliminate injuries, that is the only choice that will do so.

Thank you, Chris, for educating me that voting for the other two negates our earlier vote to eliminate injuries.  

Here is the complete description of all four categories from the Help file, with 'Game Injuries Enabled" highlighted to sow that it doesn't reduce injuries at all!

"There are four levels of A.I.M. interaction with League Manager and Baseball:

1. Fatigue only: A.I.M. will report the current status of a player, and will modify the player's abilities based upon his usage under fatigued status conditions.  However, no injuries that occur in games or that might result from over-use in A.I.M. terms will be enforced upon a player for subsequent games.

2. Game injuries enabled: In addition to maintaining fatigue status effects, injuries that occur due to rare plays during the course of a game will be enforced on players for the length of time in days that injury is scheduled to run.

3. All injuries enabled: In addition to the above, A.I.M. will often assess injuries against players who participate in a game while fatigued.  That is, players who are Tired, Bushed, or Worn out may become injured after a game if they appear in an active role in that game.

4. Reduced Injuries and Fatigue:  This option is identical to the above option except that the duration of A.I.M. injuries has been somewhat reduced."

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Just a note as you head out to the polls today -- Option 2, 'Game Injuries and Fatigue,' represents almost no change from our current settings. It only eliminates AIM overuse injuries, which are rare. And, reading the help files, it appears the 'Reduced' injuries setting only applies to AIM injuries, and not to in-game injuries. Under that reading, Option 1 is not much of a change. Here is that Help language:
  • All Injuries and Fatigue - this option acts just like the above option plus fatigued players (Tired, Bushed or Worn-out) who appear in games are subject to AIM injuries. These injuries do not appear in the game script or the boxscore but show up on the team status report after the game. These injuries can be a significant length and the length of the injuries are directly related to the level of overuse a player has received.
  • Reduced Injuries and Fatigue - this option is identical to the above option except that the duration of AIM injuries has been somewhat reduced.
So it looks like neither of the first two options will do much to change the current setup.

On July 25, 2019 at 9:14 AM "Steven Galbraith via Groups.Io" <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

A new poll has been created:

We'll vote now on which specific injury settings to use. These changes will go into effect immediately and will be the setting for all future seasons pending any vote to change them again. Whichever setting receives the most votes will be the one we use. It does not require a majority of owners, i.e., 10.
In case of a tie we'll have another poll on just those settings. If it's a three way tie (not likely) we'll worry about that later.
1. Change to "Reduced Injuries and Fatigue"
2. Change to "Game Injuries and Fatigue"
3. Change to "Fatigue Only."

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