HF results and injury thought

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

HF takes four from Hamilton. Bulldogs come out of the series hamstrung with three week-long injuries. Can we turn injuries off? You can have coverage planned, but injuries blow that up. We already use AIM, so it's not like we need injuries to limit usage.

Game 1 - HF blows three-run lead. Hamilton stitches together ten hits into four runs.

Game 2 - Steve Stone allows three hits in eight innings in 3-1 HF win.

Game 3 - Ham scores five to take a big lead in the 6th. HF scores five to take it back in the 7th. Terry Puhl's 3-run homer took it from 7-3 to 7-6.

Game 4 - Mike Norris spins a two-hit shutout to move to 7-1.

Game 5 - Armory ties it with two outs in the 9th, then Bobby Brown wins it with a walk-off walk in the 12th. It was his prerogative.


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