Re: ASSL '80: Results File and Trade

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

One, sorry for the bad grammer and spelling in that. Two, I mixed my Civil War stories. Jackson's men hauled the engines from the Martinsburg Roundhouse by horse down the Valley Pike a month later. It was the Confederates who torched the Arsenal and the rest of the Armory in April of '61.

>There was both an armory and an Arsenal in HF. It’s was one of two Gun-making sites for the army before the civil >war. The other was in Springfield mass. The union burned the arsenal rather than let it fall until rebel hands. The >armory, stonewall Jackson packed up into rail cars and hauled them by horses down to Winchester.

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It's the "Armory" not the "Arsenal". I knew that but my hands typed Armory.

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, 10:51:33 AM EDT, Steven Galbraith via Groups.Io <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Week/series #3 results. F-files/changes due Wednesday evening.

One trade: Mudville sends Dusty Baker to Harpers Ferry for the Arsenal's first round pick in 1981. HF cuts John Harris. Mudville can pick up a body from the undrafted.




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