HF 4 Selzer 1

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

Game 1 - Clancy outduels Reuss in a game that you could never see today. 2-0 the final, but the two starters combined for just four Ks in 17 innings.

Game 2 - HF ties in in the 9th on a two-out pinch-homer from Dan Graham, then wins it on a Smalley knock in the 10th.

Game 3 - Seltzer bombs 18 X G Norris with seven hits in the space of 12 batters. At least four of those hits were for extra bases. 7-2 the final.

Game 4 - Art not imitating life as Sundberg and Cey commit errors that account for three game-losing unearned runs in a 5-2 HF win.

Game 5 - Seltzer scores to tie it in the 9th, but has to bring in awful outfielder Mike Vail in the bottom. Vail can't play Wathan's liner, which is scored a triple. One out later, Maddox brings him home.


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