Re: ASSL '80 Draft: Round #10 Hamilton up, Mudville on deck

John Anderson

Good lord, I was just saying what others were saying.

John Anderson 

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Florida selects Dave Schuler, P.

John Anderson, I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for sharing your special gift for making inciteful observations on how to make ASSL "healthy," along with our gratefulness for your constant admonishment of the league members for our many faults. I am confident that with your guidance we will all become better people.

I have no idea how this league was ever able to function before your arrival. 

I am sure you have seen from the numerous responses over the past few weeks how much everyone appreciates you!  

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Please update grid and change email header to reflect who is actually up!

John Anderson 

See the source image

Lists/pick due by 9:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow. This is the last/40th pick for most teams. Cut and Shoot up/can pick.

Round #10

1.  Cut and Shoot:     Baylor Moore - P
2.  Cascade: skipped/at 40 
3.  Polish: skipped/at 40
4.  Bayou City: Jeff Little at 40
5.  Czech: skipped/ at 40
6.  Harpers Ferry: Rich Bordi
7.  Florida: Dave Schuler
8.  Hamilton:
9.  Mudville:
10. Cucamonga:
11. Spokane:
12. Valdosta: skipped/at 40
13. Mt. Lebanon:
14. Waterloo:
15. Seltzer:
16. Melonville:
17. New Orleans:
18. Silver City:

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