ASSL '80 Draft Round #9 Complete Corrected

Steven Galbraith

Mt. Lebanon, from list I missed, takes Nino Espinosa. Randy Lerch goes back to the undrafted. Corrected c-file attached.

Round #9

1.  Cut and Shoot: Mike Ivie
2.  Polish:  Steve Dillard
3.  Cascade:  Kiko Garcia 
4.  Bayou City: Jim Rooker
5.  Czech: skipped at 40
6.  Harpers Ferry: John Harris
7.  Florida: Pat Kelly
8.  Hamilton: Jesus Figueroa
9.  Mudville: Jim Kern
10. Cucamonga: Willie Horton
11. Spokane: Bobby Bonds
12. Valdosta: Paul Mirabella
13. Mt. Lebanon: Nina Espinosa
14. Waterloo: Mike Jones
15. Seltzer: Onix Concepcion
16. Melonville: Randy Bass
17. New Orleans: Mark Brouhard
18. Silver City: Jack Brohamer


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