Re: ASSL '80: Round #6 Starts: Lists Due by 9:00 Tonight

Steven Galbraith

To be fair to everyone: everyone needs to have/send a list or instructions. I'll have one too.

And if you don't have a long list - you're drafting early - it should be easy to do. Just 3-4 names. I've very rarely have to go more than three names deep on a list.

On Friday, May 17, 2019, 9:39:40 AM EDT, John Anderson via Groups.Io <andjohn1961@...> wrote:

Can we please keep the draft going to people don’t have to have long lists if a list at all?

John Anderson 

On May 17, 2019, at 8:14 AM, Steven Galbraith via Groups.Io <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Lists due for teams picking #1 through #9 by 9:00 p.m. tonight. If no list or instructions are received best/highest available will be drafted. New c-file attached. Please check for errors/dropped players. If you're in and can pick, feel free to do so.

Round #6
1.  Cut and Shoot:
2.  Cascade:
3.  Polish:
4.  Bayou City
5.  Czech: have list
6.  Harpers Ferry: have list
7.  Florida:
8.  Hamilton: 
9.  Mudville: 
10. Cucamonga:
11. Spokane:
12. Valdosta:
13. Mt. Lebanon: 
14. Waterloo: 
15. Seltzer:
16. Melonville:
17. New Orleans:
18. Silver City:

Round #5
1.  Cut and Shoot: Sandy Wihtol 
2.  Polish: Dave Beard
3.  Cascade: Steve Crawford
4.  Bayou City: Al Olmsted
5.  Czech: Dave Roberts
6.  Harpers Ferry: Tim Flannery
7.  Florida: Mike Rowland
8.  Hamilton: Bruce Kimm
9.  Mudville: Jerry Dybzinski
10. Cucamonga: Dewey Robinson
11. Spokane: Duffy Dyer
12. Valdosta: Dave Frost
13. Mt. Lebanon:  Jim Anderson
14. Waterloo:  Marty Bystrom
15. Seltzer: Randy Moffitt
16. Melonville: Larry Hisle 
17. New Orleans: Reid Nichols
18. Silver City: Johnnie LeMaster


<C-ASSL80 Round _6 Starts.LPF>

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