ASSL '80 Draft: Valdosta is up; Mt. Lebanon on deck


Re-inserting my pick

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 8:25 PM Steven Galbraith via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Spokane is up. Valdosta on deck. Cucamonga is passed over again. Unless something is wrong and he's having troubles, Robert has disappeared. Don't join a league, then disappear and leave everyone hanging.  I have two or three backups ready so it shouldn't be a major problem.

We're on six hour limits between picks. Lists welcome.  NOTE: We will go to lists - half a day - starting with Round #6. That will start once we finish this round.

Round #5
1.  Cut and Shoot: Sandy Wihtol
2.  Polish: Dave Beard
3.  Cascade: Steve Crawford
4.  Bayou City: Al Olmsted
5.  Czech: Dave Roberts
6.  Harpers Ferry:
Tim Flannery
7.  Florida: Mike Rowland
8.  Hamilton: Bruce Kimm
9.  Mudville: Jerry Dybzinski
10. Cucamonga: Dewey Robinson
11. Spokane: Duffy Dyer
12. Valdosta:
13. Mt. Lebanon:
14. Waterloo: 
15. Seltzer:
16. Melonville: 
17. New Orleans:
18. Silver City:

Round #4
1.  Cut and Shoot: John Littlefield 
2.  Cascade: Dick Drago
3.  Polish: Jeff Jones
4.  New Orleans from Bayou City: Ken Schrom
5.  Czech: John Verhoeven
6.  Cascade from Harpers Ferry: Mike Stanton
7.  Florida: Albert Williams
8.  Hamilton: Dave Heaverlo
9.  Mudville: Dave McKay
10. Cucamonga: Floyd Rayford
11. Spokane: Butch Hobson
12. Melonville from Valdosta:  Joe Lefebvre
13. Mt. Lebanon:  Mark Bomback
14. Waterloo:  Andy Rincon
15. Seltzer:  Luis Aponte
16. Melonville:  Luis Aguayo
17. New Orleans: George Vukovich
18. Silver City: Jerry Ujdur


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