ASSL '80: Valdosta Up, Mt. Lebanon On Deck

Steven Galbraith

Valdosta is up until 11:00 p.m. Cucamonga is passed over. They can pick at any time. If you think you'll be out, please send in a list. We'll go to six hour time limits starting with Round #5. After that we'll go to lists. Half a day.

Round #4
1.  Cut and Shoot: John Littlefield
2.  Cascade: Dick Drago
3.  Polish: Jeff Jones
4.  New Orleans from Bayou City: Ken Schrom
5.  Czech: John Verhoeven
6.  Cascade from Harpers Ferry: Mike Stanton
7.  Florida: Albert Williams
8.  Hamilton: Dave Heaverlo
9.  Mudville: Dave McKay
10. Cucamonga: passed/may pick
11. Spokane: Butch Hobson
12. Valdosta
13. Mt. Lebanon: 
14. Waterloo: 
15. Seltzer: 
16. Melonville:
17. New Orleans:
18. Silver City:

Round #3
1.  Cut and Shoot: Elliott Maddox
2.  Polish: Juan Eichelberger
3.  Cascade: Tim Lollar
4.  New Orleans from Bayou City: Rafael Ramirez
5.  Czech: Steve Yeager
6.  Harpers Ferry: Dave Stapleton
7.  FloridaGlenn Hoffman
8.  Hamilton: Luis Salazar
9.  MudvilleDave W. Roberts
10. Cucamonga: Fred Breining
11. Spokane: Ed Lynch
12. ValdostaGarth Iorg
13. Mt. Lebanon:  Eddie Milner
14. Waterloo:  John Martin 
15. Seltzer:  Randy Martz
16. Czech from Melonville: Lou Piniella
17. New Orleans: Bruce Berenyi
18. Silver City: John Butcher

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