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Thomas Battiato

Thanks for your lengthy and detailed reply. I know it took a lot of effort, and I really do appreciate it.

Actually, I know most of what you wrote and have read the help files dozens of times. Once again after I received your email.

So I think I've got the theory down, but not the practice. My part-time guys always get worn out after starting one game and I have a dead spot on the roster. I see that last year all of my guys were converted SF 100 last year, so I am going to ask Steve to refrain from converting them this year to see if it makes a difference. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Thanks again!


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Tom, I think you are confusing SF with PR.  SF is season factor.  Meaning they should only play in that & of games. If you have a player with a SF of 50.  That can convert into him playing in 50% of the games.  So in our league, he could then play in 81 games.  After 81 games, be will be worn out.  His rating will go down.   He is used up.  If he pinch hits or pinch runs, that's 1 of 81 games.  So if that player has a SF of less than 100, don't pinch hit or pinch run him or use as a defensive replacement because that counts as a game player. 

If you change that SF to 100, he could play in all 162 games.  

Now the PR.  The PR stands for Play rating.  It's based on plate appearances per game. I can't remember the formula but it's something like 4.1 at bats (Plate App) per game.  So if a player has a PR of 900, he can play full time and get 90% of the plate appearances per game.  A player used at the top of the lineup will get more PA's, and get tired quicker.  I've played a 900 PR guy and batted him 8th or 9th and never or rarely had to sit him.  A guy at the top could only play 9 of 10 games full time.  But a pinch hit appearance is only 1 PA, so it's doesn't affect him much.  I've seen a guy with a low PR get tired just being used as a Def player in the 8th or 9th without batting.  

So what is being asked here is do you want the SF to be changed to 100.  What that will do is change that PR of 900 and SF of 50 to a PR of 450 (multiply SF by PR) but a SF of 100.  So he could play full time 45% of the time or every game for about 2 PA's per game.  If he sits a game, then he can play the full game the next time.  

There are different levels where the game checks the usage and the tired or worn out player status kicks in.  They are usually after a game level with a 1 after it.  The first check is after game 11.  The next is 21, then 41, then 81.   After 81, it seems to check a lot more.  

Why do you change them in our league?  Because unless you bench those guys that have a short SF, you cannot control how they get used on the road. They pinch hit, they lost a whole game, not just 1 PA.  

The help files in this game are some of the best I've seen in any program.  In LM, go to help, then type in PR.  There is a pretty good explanation there as well.  Maybe even better.  
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Dear Steve and others, 

Before converting my players, maybe someone can explain to me how the SF factor interacts with AIM, as I have never been able to understand it.

I find that if I use a player with a low SF number, he often gets tired or bushed after just one game. That means if I put him on my roster to give one of my regulars a rest, I am going to play short-handed for the rest of the series.

I would like to be able to use a part-time player for 2-3 times in a sewies, then send him to the farm for  however long it takes for him to recover, rather than to constantly have to play with a short-handed roster.

As I have several players with low SF numbers this year, I know I can't carry them on the roster in the same series or my bench will be bushed the whole series.

Can someone advise me if there is a method that will allow them to play more than one game in a series before getting tired?

Thank you for your help!


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All: I haven't converted players to SF =100 but will with the next c-file. This means, for example, that a 100/650 player will become a 650/100, a 910/53 will become a ~455/100, et cetera.

If you DO NOT want your players converted to 100 then post me. Otherwise they'll be converted.

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