Re: ASSL '80: All Players to SF 100

Thomas Battiato

Dear Steve and others, 

Before converting my players, maybe someone can explain to me how the SF factor interacts with AIM, as I have never been able to understand it.

I find that if I use a player with a low SF number, he often gets tired or bushed after just one game. That means if I put him on my roster to give one of my regulars a rest, I am going to play short-handed for the rest of the series.

I would like to be able to use a part-time player for 2-3 times in a sewies, then send him to the farm for  however long it takes for him to recover, rather than to constantly have to play with a short-handed roster.

As I have several players with low SF numbers this year, I know I can't carry them on the roster in the same series or my bench will be bushed the whole series.

Can someone advise me if there is a method that will allow them to play more than one game in a series before getting tired?

Thank you for your help!


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All: I haven't converted players to SF =100 but will with the next c-file. This means, for example, that a 100/650 player will become a 650/100, a 910/53 will become a ~455/100, et cetera.

If you DO NOT want your players converted to 100 then post me. Otherwise they'll be converted.

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