ASSL '80 Draft: Czech Up, Harpers Ferry On Deck

Steven Galbraith

Polish is passed over. They can pick at any time. Cascade takes Tim Lollar, P. New Orleans takes Rafael Ramirez. Czech is up until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. You can send in lists if you're not sure you'll be around to pick.

Round #3

1.  Cut and Shoot: Elliott Maddox
2.  Polish: passed/can pick
3.  Cascade: Tim Lollar
4.  New Orleans from Bayou City: Rafael Ramirez
5.  Czech
6.  Harpers Ferry
7.  Florida
8.  Hamilton
9.  Mudville
10. Cucamonga
11. Spokane
12. Valdosta
13. Mt. Lebanon
14. Waterloo
15. Seltzer
16. Czech from Melonville
17. New Orleans
18. Silver City

Round #2
1.  Cut and Shoot: Gary Lucas
2.  Cascade: Rich Gedman
3.  Polish: Bob Walk
4.  Cucamonga from Bayou City: Jay Howell
5.  Czech: Joe Charboneau
6.  Harpers Ferry: Ken Phelps
7.  Florida: Wally Backman
8.  Hamilton: Vance Law
9.  Mudville:  Mark Davis
10. Cucamonga:  Dave LaPoint
11. Spokane: Joe Price
12. Valdosta: Dave Goltz
13. Mt. Lebanon: Luis Leal
14. Waterloo: Rod Scurry
15. Seltzer: Mike Armstrong
16. Melonville:  Ozzie Virgil 
17. New Orleans: Mike Davis
18. Polish from Silver City: Bob Dernier

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