Re: ASSL '80 Draft: Polish Up to End the Round

mike eliyas

Polish selects Bob Dernier

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New Orleans takes Mike Davis. Polish is up. New c-file and instructions out at the end of the round.

Round #2

1.  Cut and Shoot: Gary Lucas
2.  Cascade: Rich Gedman
3.  Polish: Bob Walk
4.  Cucamonga from Bayou City: Jay Howell
5.  Czech: Joe Charboneau
6.  Harpers Ferry: Ken Phelps
7.  Florida: Wally Backman 
8.  Hamilton: Vance Law
9.  Mudville:  Mark Davis
10. Cucamonga:  Dave LaPoint
11. Spokane: Joe Price
12. Valdosta: Dave Goltz
13. Mt. Lebanon: Luis Leal
14. Waterloo Rod Scurry
15. Seltzer Mike Armstrong
16. Melonville:  Ozzie Virgil  
17. New Orleans: Mike Davis
18. Polish from Silver City Bob Dernier

Round 1
1.  Cut and Shoot: Fernando Valenzuela
2.  Polish: Harold Baines
3.  Cascade: Tim Wallach
4.  Bayou City: Lee Smith
5.  Czech: Dave Smith
6.  Harpers Ferry: Mike Boddicker
7.  Florida: Leon Durham
8.  Hamilton: Tony Pena
9.  Mudville: Bob Ojeda
10. Cucamonga: Bruce Hurst
11. Spokane: Mike Scioscia
12. Valdosta: Hubie Brooks
13. Mt. Lebanon: Steve Howe
14. Waterloo: Lloyd Moseby
15. Seltzer: Mookie Wilson
16. Valdosta from Melonville: Pascual Perez
17. New Orleans: Charlie Lea
18. Czech from Silver City: Doug Corbett

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