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Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

<Opinion>It's not incumbent upon an owner to publicly shop a player that has drawn an unsolicited offer. An owner may not feel comfortable telling the solicitor 'thanks for the offer, but now that you've shown interest, I'm going to try to get something better.' There's no obligation to the other 16 teams when that offer comes in the door.

Everybody's available, right? Until you're told they're not.</Opinion>

That said, I'm a profligate trade-talker, as folks know who are in other leagues with me. I'm always posting who I've got available or what my needs are. As one of the 'contenders' this year thanks in part to the one-year wonders of Stone and Norris, Harpers Ferry is in the market for some short-term help at 2b.....


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For the health of the league it is very important for teams that are shopping players to let the league know they’re available.  I doubt anyone other than the person who got them knew that Richard, Romo, and Bahnsen were available and lots of teams fancy themselves contenders and could have used them as one-year pitchers.  Maybe the seller could have received more than they did.

I and most others don’t have the time to pore over every roster to see who MIGHT be available so putting guys out to the league like Cucamonga did is a great thing to do.

John Anderson 


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Mudville sends: Ivan Dejesus, Warren Brusstar and Rob Dressler to Valdosta for: J.R. Richard, Enrique Romo and Stan Bahnsen.

New c-file through HF pick attached.

<C-ASSL80 Through HF Pick.LPF>



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