ASSL 80: Updated C-File &c

Steven Galbraith

See the source image

New c-file with trade included. Mudville sends Davey Lopez and Mickey Rivers to Cucamonga for Ron Leflore and Rick Dempsey. Note: Let's make trades/discussions of the list please. Reply privately to each other.
Also, Duane is not responding to emails so it looks like I'll have to get a replacement. Not a great time to drop out of the league.

First Round:

1.  Cut and Shoot - Fernando Valenzuela
2.  Polish - Harold Baines
3.  Cascade
4.  Bayou City
5.  Czech
6.  Harpers Ferry
7.  Florida
8.  Hamilton
9.  Mudville
10. Cucamonga
11. Spokane
12. Valdosta
13. Mt. Lebanon
14. Waterloo
15. Seltzer
16. Valdosta from Melonville
17. New Orleans
18. Czech from Silver City

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