Re: ASSL '80 Draft: Cascade Up, Bayout City Ondeck

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

Here's a little nugget for you - nobody who debuted in 1980 ever had a 30-homer season. Baines peaked at 29. Wallach had a 28, and Durham, Phelps, and Virgil all had 27s. Baines and Wallach each had a 26, and those are the only seven seasons over 25. It seems a fairly deep draft, just not one with a lot of power peaks.


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No time limits on the first couple of rounds.

First Round:

1.  Cut and Shoot - Fernando Valenzuela
2.  Polish - Harold Baines
3.  Cascade
4.  Bayou City
5.  Czech
6.  Harpers Ferry
7.  Florida
8.  Hamilton
9.  Mudville
10. Cucamonga
11. Spokane
12. Valdosta
13. Mt. Lebanon
14. Waterloo
15. Seltzer
16. Melonville
17. New Orleans
18. Czech from Silver City

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