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I noticed that Jim that you had my/your team.  I've had it ever since.   Not quite the success, but I did have a season of 114 wins and didn't get in the playoffs.  Lost in the series just once.  Never been back.  

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Chris, just looking back on the JRob website brought back some memories for me. I had the San Diego Anteaters way back in late 40s and early 50s before I had to leave due to being in too many leagues at the time (I think over 20, almost as many as Art Widiger).

That team was the most offensive minded team that I have ever had. In the 1950 season, 3 players with over 248 hits. two with over 151 RBIs and 3 with averages over .368!!

I remember I had to set down some of my regulars late in the season just to keep them from going over their allowed plate appearances.

Would love to rejoin now that I'm retired. One problem though is that I'm traveling camping and hiking on a trip in April (not sure of exact date) and will be on the road for a month. I'll have a laptop, but some of the places I'm going don't have WIFI access.



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Apologies to those who get 4-5 copies of this.....

The Jackie Robinson League has three immediate openings.

- prepping for 1971

- Available teams are Billings, Redding, Sawdust City

- League has played continuously since the 1947 season (1998 by calendar)

- We expand along with MLB, (adding DH in one league soon) with the same number of teams as real-life. This creates some usage challenges.

- BBW league, continuous ownership

- off-season roster limit of 24, though we will be voting on that

- communications through

Holler with any questions.






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