SF - Mt. Lebanon at Mudville - Game 5

Kevin McNally

Incredibly frustrating game…


Home teams fall to 0-5.  Congrats to Mt. Lebanon on advancing (just getting that out of the way now) :)


Game 5

Mt. Lebanon            10-17-4

Mudville                    7-10-1

WP: R. Reed (1-0)

LP: B. Sutter (0-1)

Save: L. DeLeon (1)


Tony Bernazard had a huge series, in one day.


Injury: MUD – G. Carter (1 day)


1st - J. Clark RBI 1B

1st - Bell RBI 2B

1st - Murray RBI Ground Out + E6

1st - Oliver 2-run HR

2nd - Murphy RBI 1B

2nd - Smith SB, E2 - White scores, Smith to 3rd

2nd - Brett Sac Fly

4th - Bernazard 2-run HR

5th - Bell solo HR

6th - Bernazard 2-run HR

8th - Bernazard 2-run 2B

8th - Madlock 2-run HR


Bernazard 3 hits, 2B, 2 HR, 3 RS, 6 RBI








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Hi, Kevin,


We are a go for game 5.  Good luck!




"I have snatched my share of joy from the grudging hand of fate as I have
jogged along, but never has life held for me anything quite so entrancing as
baseball."--Clarence Darrow



On Fri, Jul 1, 2022 at 10:27 AM Kevin McNally <kmcnally28@...> wrote:

Home teams fall to 0-4….


Game 4

Mt. Lebanon            4-9-0

Mudville                    1-5-0

WP: D. Petry (1-0)

LP: V. Ruhle (0-1)


Petry rarely broke a sweat. CG, 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K


2nd  - Chambliss 2-run 2B

4th  - Templeton RBI 3B

6th  - Templeton Sac Fly

8th  - Brett Solo HR


Awaiting Game 5 instructions from Steve.






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