ASSL: Spokane adds - 1983 Disk/File



Reviewed the file, and here are the adds:

Mike Scioscia
Mike Marshall
Pat Sheridan (uncarded in 82)
Pete Falcone


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From: Steven Galbraith via <stevemgalbraith@...>
Sent: Wed, Nov 3, 2021 5:12 pm
Subject: [ASSL] ASSL: Updated/New 1983 Disk/File

Very rough/quick updated 1983 file. I didn't add the missing/uncarded; so if you have them they won't be on this. Plus drops and missing here and there. But it's a rough look at what the changes are. I'll send out a more "formal" file later.

This is in C-file and backup formats. I'd delete your current season first to prevent any problems; although it should just overwrite what you have.

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