Re: ASSL '82: Amended Draft File Czech F File

Max Tracy

Czech Bouncers F File.  Best to all.

Sincerely, Max

On Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 9:02 AM Steven Galbraith via <> wrote:
Two changes for Czech and Mudville. Czech gets Landrum and Whisenton. Mudville gets Richardt. New c-file attached. If you sent in an f-file you don't need to re-send.

Round #11
1. Cut and Shoot: Renie Martin
2. Czech: Dave Edler
3. Melonville: Dave Gumpert
4. Mudville: Randy Niemann

Round #12
1. Cut and Shoot: Chris Welsh
2. Czech: Jerry Turner
3. Melonville: Alan Fowlkes
4. Mudville: Jim Farr

Round #13
1. Czech- Tito Landrum
2. Mudville: Mike Richardt

Round #14
1. Czech- Larry Whisenton

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