Re: HF selects Flinn. Melonville up Spokane on deck Mudville to finish the round


On 08/09/2021 8:47 AM Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory) <strovel@...> wrote:

We'll go to lists after this round. Most teams have one pick remaining.

Round #9
1. New Orleans: done/at 40
2. Cascade: Jeff Little
3. Valdosta: Hosken Powell
4. Florida: Bill Robinson
5. Polish:Jay Baller
6. Waterloo: Bob Watson

7. Cut and Shoot: Rusty Staub

8. Antelope: Wayne Nordhagen
9. Silver City: Bryan Little
10. Hamilton: Dave McKay
11. Mt. Lebanon: Terry Felton
12. Czech: Ned Yost
13. Harpers Ferry: John Flinn
14. Bayou City: done/at 40
15. Seltzer: Steve Crawford
16. Melonville:
17. Spokane:
18. Mudville:


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