Re: Seltzer up then Melonville on deck Spokane in the hole

John Anderson

Reaches for Salome Barojas.

John Anderson 

On Jul 19, 2021, at 8:26 AM, Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory) <strovel@...> wrote:

Seeking a little divine intervention to make the playoffs after missing with 99 and 97 wins the last two years, the Federal Armory turns to Gott...... James Gott.

Round #2
1. New Orleans: Mike Smithson
2. Cascade. Andy Hawkins
3. Florida: Greg Walker
4. Valdosta: Gary Redus
5. Polish: Mark Eichhorn
6. Waterloo - Greg Brock
7. Florida from Cut and Shoot: Ron Kittle
8. Antelope: Bob Bailor
9. Silver City: Ken Dayley
10. Hamilton: Doug Sisk
11. Mt. Lebanon:  Kevin Bass
12. Czech- Scott Garrelts
13. Harpers Ferry - Jim Gott
14. Bayou City - Salome Barojas
15. Seltzer
16. Melonville
17. Spokane
18. Bayou City from Mudville

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