Re: Waterloo Up/Florida on deck/Antelope

mike eliyas

Yeah I thought so

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Very nice pick at this point.  I almost took him over Doug Jones at 1.18.

John Anderson 

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Polish selects Mark Eichhorn

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Sorry for the delay guys...Valdosta will take Gary Redus. Polish is up.

Jim (Valdosta)

Round #2
1. New Orleans: Mike Smithson
2. Cascade. Andy Hawkins

3. Florida: Greg Walker
4. Valdosta - Gary Redus
5. Polish Mark Eichhorn
6. Waterloo
7. Florida from Cut and Shoot
8. Antelope
9. Silver City
10. Hamilton
11. Mt. Lebanon
12. Czech
13. Harpers Ferry
14. Bayou City
15. Seltzer
16. Melonville
17. Spokane
18. Bayou City from Mudville

Round #1 Recap
1. New Orleans: Tony Gwynn
2. Cascade: Frank Viola
3. Valdosta: Wade Boggs
4. Florida: Don Mattingly
5. Polish: Tony Phillips
6. Waterloo: Bill Doran
7. Cut and Shoot: Julio Franco
8. Antelope: Don Slaught
9. Silver City:  Storm Davis
10. Hamilton: Dave Dravecky
11. Mt. Lebanon: Dennis `Oil Can' Boyd
12. New Orleans from Czech: Mike Moore
13. Harpers Ferry: Willie McGee
14. New Orleans from Bayou City: Walt Terrell
15. Seltzer: Tom Henke
16. Melonville: Howard Johnson
17. Spokane: Pete O'Brien
18. Bayou City from Mudville: Doug Jones

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