Re: Mudville at Spokane game 5


Agreed Mike.  Nice job by Kevin's Mudville gang.  You had to beat them early.  Pen was really tough with the ability for mulitple innings and outings.  

On 05/27/2021 10:18 PM mlassman2001 via <mlassman33@...> wrote:
Mudville is up 3 games to 2.
Lamp (15) vs. Hooton (16)
Hooton gets shelled - Mudville hitting like it's BP, and Lamp baffles the Chill for a while. Through 6 innings, it's 8-0, Mudville.  Spokane hangs in there and scores 5 runs to make the game just a little interesting.
FINAL Mudville 8 Spokane 5.  Mudville wins 4 games to 1.
Lamp gets the win - 6 innings and 2 hits.
Eddie Murray closes out series with a .476 BA, and Brett ends up at only .455.  It actually seemed like he got a hit every time he was up.
Bottom line is that Mudville has outstanding hitting and starting pitching.  The relief corps of Fingers, Gossage, and Sutter is just too hard to beat.
Congratulations to Kevin on a great job.

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