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Thanks John. Like I said, in all of my wins, I didn't have to face the tough part of your pen.  To me, getting an early lead was the key.   Obviously, I was stunned at the first inning of game 7.  Too all of the drama out of it.  

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Congratulations, Bob!  Good luck the rest of the way!

John Anderson 

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Last 2 Series games played over a couple of days due to an injury to Bayou and mostly my busy schedule.  
Game 6
Bottom 1.  Seltzer gets a run but has 2 runners pegged on the bases or they woulda/shoulda had more.  Ron Cey and Jerry Remy had rbi hits in the bottom of the 2nd but Seltzer has another runner pegged.  Bayou SP Bruce Berenyi walked 8 and gave up 5 hits but baserunning and key outs keep it 3-0.  In the top of the 7th, an Dawson rbi single cuts the lead to 3-1 with runners on 2nd and 3 and 1 out.  But Gullickson fans Driessen and retire Lezcano to hold it to 3-1.  In the bottom of the 7th, Seltzer plates 2 more with the help of an error to make it 5-1.  They did have their 4th runner pegged on the bases but this 1 drew a throw and scored a run.  Dawson hit a solo homer for Bayou in the top of the 9th but Seltzer held on for a 5-2 win and sends it to game 7
Game 7
Drama gone out of the game early as Seltzer hit 5 doubles in the 1st inning and 3 singles to score 7.  That was more than enough as Matt Keough went 7 scoreless.  Dawson hit his 5th homer of the series in the top of the 8th but Jim Sundberg's 3rd double and 4th rbi got 2 back in the bottom of the 7th for a 9-1 Seltzer win.
Congrats to Bayou City, who had a nice team.  The key to Seltzer's series was getting a lead and not having to face a strong Bayou City pen in tough situations.  
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Umpy et al.: Here's the quarter finals play file. Please play one game at a time. Send in the results, wait for your opponent to give a green light, then play. You can play live if you want or however you and your opponent want to do it.

Czech/Max: No manager showed up. Are you using Foreman or? Or playing live?

Good luck to all.

<F-seltzer bayou game 7.LPF>
<F-seltzer bayou game 6.LPF>

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