Re: Seltzer file


Not sure Seltzer should be at home to start.  We were a 5 seed.  
File attached and ready either way.

On 04/26/2021 9:58 AM Steven Galbraith via <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Attached is the quarter finals setup file. I need 26 man roster files from Spokane, Bayou City, Czech and Seltzer. Add/subtract them to your farm roster/team. Melonville and Mudville have a bye and can send files in later.

The only player limits in the post-season - besides AIM - are on pitchers and starts.

(a) Pitchers with between 1 and 14 starts may start only one game in a series;

(b) Pitchers with between 15 and 29 starts may start only two games in a series;

(c) Pitchers with 30 or more starts may start three games in a series.

As with the regular season, injuries are off. All players who had their steal attempts zeroed out after reaching limits have them restored. There are no limits on the post season.
I'm forgetting something else but we'll work it out.

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