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John, Maybe you'd better triple check.  You are at home for your final series.   You are very quick to point out everybody else who might make a mistake or slip.  And often in a not so nice tone.  I'd use the term derogatory, but not sure you'd understand that.  
You've done things like this in many leagues and quite frankly, it's tough to swallow.  
If I were commish, I'd find a way to replace you.   You need to run a league sometime and see what kind of person you are. 
Tom is right, you don't seem to care about anybody but yourself. You've done damage to people that you just don't get with your comments.   To request a sim at this point is beyond my understanding.  In the time you've spent writing about it, you could have simmed your own games. 
Yes I make mistakes, and in the leagues I run, others do too.  But I will just take that up with the individual and not the whole group like you do and like I'm doing now.   

On 04/22/2021 12:29 AM John Anderson via <andjohn1961@...> wrote:
Like I’m the only person who ever requested a sim.

John Anderson 

On Apr 21, 2021, at 11:12 PM, Thomas Battiato via <Dodger300@...> wrote:

That seems like a pretty thoughtless thing to do to a commissioner, when one can just as easily sim his own games as the commissioner can. 
In the league I run, I take it as an insult when someone acts as if his time is more valuable than my own, and selfishly expects me to take care of his own responsibilities to the league for him. 
If one has never looked at it that way before, maybe one should.
Steve does a lot for all of us and I appreciate it!

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If Bayou City is home then please sim.  

John Anderson 

On Apr 21, 2021, at 10:51 PM, JOHN CAMPBELL via <icemn16@...> wrote:

Good evening
Silver City is on the road for the last series at Bayou City
I just doubled checked.
Thanks John
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Due tonight.


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