Re: ASSL '81: Week/Series #25: Need Some Results

Jim Farmer

Silver City Visits Valdosta for a 4 game set. The Go-Go Crackers win the first 2 games and steal 11 bases as they gave Carlton Fisk fits. Outlaws figured out how to stop the Crackers running game...hit lot's of HR's as they take the last games and hit 7 HR's in the 2 wins.

Jim (Valdosta)

On Thursday, January 28, 2021, 10:04:45 AM EST, Steven Galbraith via <stevemgalbraith@...> wrote:

Due tonight; Florida, Hamilton, Valdosta and Cascade. Note; If you install that latest APBA update (#28) be sure to check your franchise file options. It appears that for many teams that after you load it it changed your options.

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