ASSL Playball Week 11 Hamilton at Czech Results

Max Tracy

super duper matchup vs the first and second place teams in the division.

Game 1
Czech takes a three run lead but its erased by a four run hamilton rally.  Hamilton pitching takes over
and thats that.  6-3.  WP Morris 5-5 LP Vuchovich 4-6 HRS:  Bonilla(1), Harrah (3), Foote (3) Save Hrabowsky (8)

Game 2
Luis Salazar drives in all three of Hamiltons runs.  Bottom of the 9th, Bouncers push one over on Morales PH single.  4-3 nailbiter.
WP Dave Smith 4-0 LP Rawley 0-1 Hr:  Schmidt(12)

Game 3
Mike Schmidt drives in 5 with a pair of homers (14).  Reggie had three doubles, Foster hit his tenth.  12-1.  WP Denny 4-4
LP Wilcox 4-6

Game 4
Yeah we should have saved some runs.  1-0.  WP Guidry 4-2 LP Blyleven 8-3 Save Hrabowsky (9) Landreux drove in the only run.

Game 5
The rubber game and what a game it was.  Bonilla got four hits, Grubb drove in 4 runs and it was 6-6 after four.  No more scoring
til the bottom of the 12th.  Mike Schmidt hit it out (15).  WP Smith 5-0  LP Spillner 0-2.  Crazy good series.  Both pens were pretty awesome.
Rare for us but Smith seems to be charmed.

Sincerely, Max

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 8:44 AM Steven Galbraith via <> wrote:

Week/Series #11 play c-file attached. Results due Wednesday evening.

John/Bayou City: You were mostly set. We don't carryover injuries and you had no fatigue problems. Just had to bump up Lamp in your rotation.

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