ASSL Harpers Ferry at Spokane


Very good series in the East Division

Harpers Ferry 3 Spokane 2 - Dennis Martinez tosses a complete game. The Federal Armory score 2 in the 8th to take the lead.   Pete Rose with 3 hits for the Chill.

Spokane 3 Harpers Ferry 1 - Ken Forsch goes to 7-1.  Smalley hits a homer in the 9th to break up the shutout.  Tim Raines with 2 hits for Spokane.

Harpers Ferry 4 Spokane 0 - Mike Norris with a 8 hit shutout.  Amos Otis has 3 RBIs.  Otis and Evans with homers.

Spokane 3 Harpers Ferry 2 (14) - Pete Rose has 4 hits.  Chill tie it in the 8th and win it in the 14th.  Neil Allen with 5 innings of no-hit relief.  

Spokane 7 Harpers Ferry 6 - Arroyo with the win in relief.  Price earns the save.  George Hendrick hits his 12th homer. Smalley with a homer and 4 RBIs for Harpers Ferry.

Spokane wins 3 of 5.


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