Unique league has opening

Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)

Excuse the multiple copies a lot of you will get…..


NXPL has an opening. We’re about to start the 1988 season. For 28 seasons, we have continued MLB as if expansion never happened. 16 teams, no DH, no expanded playoffs. Each team has a source franchise from which it can protect one free rookie, and further free rookies at the price of its draft picks. Montreal is the base franchise that’s open. Coming in to the league, you would have the option to move the team to an open NL franchise, namely the Mets, Padres, Giants, or Cardinals. One you pick your base, you stay with it.


I’m looking for an owner who is reliable with files, timely with other league housekeeping, and my preference would be somebody who plays the games rather than sims them all.


Constitution and league history available at www.strovel.com/NXPL





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