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Even more strange is that Shelby batted fifth.  Dodgers were pretty fortunate.  Shelby had a single in the game, but didn't score.

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Nope, it was Mike Davis on base. 

I always wondered why Lasorda decided to pinch hit Davis, who had a terrible year (.190/.260/.270), with two out in the ninth. I guess it was all a part of his genius.

"Eckersley quickly got Scioscia to pop out to shortstop and struck out Jeff Hamilton. Left-handed pinch hitter Mike Davis followed; if he got on base the next batter due was the pitcher's spot, which would certainly be filled with a pinch hitter. Not wanting the A's to realize that Gibson was available, Lasorda sent Dave Anderson to the on-deck circle during Davis' plate appearance.[6] According to Lasorda, A's catcher Ron Hassey got Eckersley's attention and pointed at Anderson on-deck.[7] 

The popular story is that Eckersley pitched around Davis because the A's thought that the light-hitting Anderson was the next batter. Hassey vehemently denied that the A's pitched carefully to Davis because Anderson was on deck: "Why would we pitch around Davis when we have two outs? You don't pitch around a guy with two outs to face another hitter. That would never make sense. You have your closer out there. That's just not true. That's a good story. As far as I know, Gibson is on the roster. Is he not? You're not going to waste a guy that can't play. He's active." Eckersley decided to pitch around Davis because he had seen him hit 20 home runs for the A's before the All-Star break the previous year. Instead of risking making a mistake that Davis could hit for a game-tying home run, Eckersley pitched carefully and did in fact walk him."

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Was on base during “I don’t believe what I just saw!”

John Anderson 

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Polish selects John Shelby

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Waterloo picks Dick Tidrow

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Cut and Shoot selects Jesse Jefferson
Round #4
1. Melonville from Hamilton - Matt Sinatro
2. New Orleans - David Green
3. Mudville from Florida - Jerry Martin
4. Cut and Shoot - Jesse Jefferson
5. Cascade Steve Mura 
6. Waterloo Dick Tidrow
7. Polish John Shelby
8. Valdosta
9. Spokane
10. Mt. Lebanon
11. Cucamonga
12. Seltzer
13. Czech
14. Harpers Ferry
15. Melonville
16. Bayou City
17. Valdosta from Mudville
18. Silver City

Round #3
1. Hamilton – Luis Sanchez
2. New Orleans - Juan Agosto
3. Melonville from Florida - Candy Maldonado
4. Cut and Shoot - Sal Butera
5. Cascade - Frank Pastore
6. Waterloo - Andy McGaffigan
7. Polish  - Alan Wiggins
8. Mudville from Valdosta -Ted Power
9. Spokane - Pat Sheridan
10. Mt. Lebanon - Dave Engel
11. Cucamonga- Wayne Tolleson
12. Seltzer - Tim Laudner
13. Czech - Chris Welsh
14. Harpers Ferry - Gene Nelson
15. Melonville - Bob Stoddard
16. Bayou City – Charlie Puleo
17. Mudville – Brad Havens
18. Silver City - Rick Wise


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