Re: Seltzer needs help with a pick.

Steven Galbraith

Umpy: We'll hold off until then. No rush.

On Friday, June 26, 2020, 9:07:31 PM EDT, Umpy <umpy@...> wrote:

Steve, I'm heading camping (no access) from Sunday morning until mid Thursday at the earliest.  I pick 12th.   I'll try to send a list as best I can tomorrow for the week.  If round 2 should arise, just make a sensible pick for me.  Thanks.  

Seltzer management.  

  On 06/26/2020 6:15 PM Steven Galbraith via <> wrote:



Official draft file is attached. Please go over it for mistakes, et cetera. I'll add the bonus BFs for innocuous pitchers as we go through the draft. All players have been normalized to 100 season factor.

The draft can officially start. Hamilton is up with no time limit for the first round. Also trading can begin. When you make your pick, please update the subject line and place your pick by your team's name.

Round #1:

1. Hamilton

2. New Orleans

3. Florida

4. Cut and Shoot

5. Cascade

6. Waterloo

7. Polish

8. Valdosta

9. Spokane

10. Mt. Lebanon

11. Cucamonga

12. Seltzer

13. Florida from Czech

14. Mudville from Harpers Ferry

15. Melonville

16. Bayou City

17. Valdosta from Mudville

18. Silver City

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